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Grated Potato of Yamabana

Tea-house Mistress
Her male servant
a Customer
Night Watchman (checking and warning about fires)

In Yamabama village, in northeast Kyoto there is a tea shop famous for its slippery grated mountain potato. It is cherry viewing season.

The mistress has her servant grate potato for the day's customers. A customer arrives for cherry viewing but the shop is out of sake. The servant is sent out for some.

Night falls, and the Customer and Mistress go to sleep. The Night Watchman makes his rounds. A Thief appears and threatens the Watchman. The Thief now checks out the tea house. Sneaking into the tea house he steals the mistress's kimono. The Servant returns, sees the Thief and hides. As it is dark the thief mistakes the Manservant for his cart and the Manservant recovers the stolen goods. The Servant grabs the grinding stick from the bowl of potato to fend off the Thief, whose hand gets stuck in the potato. The Thief cannot remove his sword. The Servant wakes the Customer and Mistress, who is frightened and tries to escape. She upends the bowl of grated potato. They all slip, tumble and slide as they try to fight and escape.

stripped kimono