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The Demon Spider

Raiko and his Kimono
Minamoto no Yorimitsu, better known as Raiko (12th c. Genji Family General)
Tsuchigumo (Demon Spiderr)
Watanabe no Tsuna (Raiko's retainer)
Hirai no Yasumasa (Raiko's retainer)
Page Boy

The dramatic "spider threads" thrown out make this one of the most popular Mibu Kyogen. The threads are reputed to bring the audience good fortune.

The warrior Minamoto Raiko is feeling out of sorts and has a party with his retainers to cheer up. He becomes tired and leaves the room to retire. A giant spider appears and tries to kill Reiko by covering him with a sticky web. He manages to free his sword and drive the spider off. Watanabe and Hirai rush in when they hear the noise. Raiko orders them to kill the spider. Watanabe and Hiraitie tie up their sleeves and carry tourches. The Demon Spider defends itself, spewing its web at the attackers. The retainers return carrying the Demon Spider's head.

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Hunting on Mt fuji kimono