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Minamoto no Raiko (also read Yorimitsu, a Genji Family General )
Watanabe noTsuna ( Raiko's retainer)
Hirai Houshou (also read Yasumasa, Raiko's retainer)
Page Boy
Ibaragi Oni ( Ibaragi, the "Holly-wood" Demon)

Rashoumon gate was at the southern end of Suzaku-oji, the central North-South street in the Heian capital. This was the front gate of the Capital, Heiankyo (the name Kyoto was given when it was first established as the capital). Tension mounts as the spectator waits for the demon to pounce. This demon is an underling of Shutendoji. See the legend.

The Mime

Raiko and his retainer were drinking together one day. Raiko asked about the news. One of the retainers says that there is a demon in Rashomon gate. Tsuna refuses to believe it and they argue. Raiko stops the argument and hands Tsuna a talisman to put on the gate. The other retainers wish to go along but Tsuna ignores them. However, there is a demon (Ibaragi ) in the ruined gate that eats travelers who try to pass through. Tsuna's horse shies as they approach the gate. Tsuna continues on foot, hangs the talisman and notices the demon in the ceiling of the gate. The demon grabs his helmet. They fight and Tsuna cuts off the demon's arm, returning with it.