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Mt. Ooe

Aka Oni
kuro oni
Kuro Oni
Shutendoji (chief of the demons)
Minamoto no Yorimitsu (popularly known by the alternate reading of his name, Raiko;
a general of the Genji Family)
Watanabe no Tsuna (Raiko's follower)
Hirai Houshou a.k.a. Yasumasa (Raiko's follower)
Jizo Bosatsu ( the Guardian Bodhisattva of children)
Yamabushi (a mountain ascetic priest)
Girl- an abductee
Demons: Kuro-oni (black demon)
Aka-oni (red demon)
Ko-oni (little demon)
Ibaraki-oni (Principal follower of Shutendoji)

Mt. Ooe is on the border of the old Tamba district and Tango district in Kyoto Prefecture. Shutendoji ( who was believed to be a demon chieftain but in actuality was a thief) would rob travelers going to and from Kyoto. He would on occasion abduct women. This story is a popular children's tale. The highlights of the play are the drinking and fighting scenes.

The Mime

Minamoto Raiko, a brave warrior, accompanied by his followers Tsuna and Yasumasa, comes to Mt. Ooe to destroy Shutendoji. They come across a girl washing bloodied clothes in a stream. She had been abducted by the demons. The asked directions to the demon's dwelling. On the way to the summit of Mt. Ooe they meet an old man who is gathering brushwood in the forest. He is actually an incarnation of Jizo. He tells them the way to the demons dwelling. When they arrive they ask permission from the drunk demon boys to stay overnight, then begin to party. Raiko offers the demons a bottle of drugged sake. The demons drink themselves to sleep. Jizo appears in Raiko's dream and gives him a helmet as well as orders to kill the demons while they sleep. Raiko and his followers attack the demons, leaving with Shutendoji's head. The demon Ibaraki - oni follows Raiko's group but the Yamabushi priest drives him away with a holly branch, chanting "Push eyes - Push nose."