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The Women of Ohara Vilage

fool mask
a Wealthy Man
His servant
Mother and her daughters

In the northern outskirts of Kyoto is the village of Ohara. The village is still an area of farming. The women, wearing traditional farm clothing, are called "Oharame" and these Oharame are still seen throughout the city of Kyoto, some selling flowers but most selling vegetables. In the past these Oharame could be seen walking around with bundles of flowers carried on their heads for sale. A few still use large pullcarts but most use small white trucks. They are not just saleswomen but exchangers of gossip and advice for the lonely, often elderly housewives who are their customers.

The Mime

A Wealthy Man and his servant come to Ohara to view the cherry blossoms and are having a party under the cherry trees. He spies a woman and her daughters. The Mother is relieving herself at the side of the road and the man sees her as risque. He becomes charmed with the daughters, and invites them all to join the party. They all enjoy the sake under the cherries.

While the daughters are dancing, the Wealthy Man tries to pull the second daughter to him. The Mother notices, gets angry and takes the second daughter away, where she exchanges clothes with the daughter. The Mother in disguise returns to the party. The Wealthy Man suceeds in pulling the "second daughter" to his side and sends the others away. He earnestly proposes but finally realizes that he has proposed to the old Mother instead. He runs away in fright.

kimono with faces