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The Assasination of Nobunaga

green kimono
ODA Nobunaga (The feudal ruler of Japan in the 16th C.)
Ranmaru (Nobunaga's attendant)
Rikimaru (Nobunaga's attendant)
Bomaru (Nobunaga's attendant)
Ono no Kata ( Nobunaga's wife)
AKECHI Mitsuhide ( Nobunaga's general and assassin)
Sanmanosuke ( Mitsuhide's younger brother)
Mitsuhide's followers
Abbot of Honno-ji Temple

At the beginning the abbot and priests are chanting sutras at Honno-ji. The scene changes to where Mitsuhide has his troops attack Honno-ji Temple. Nobunaga is holding a banquet, there is drum music and Mitsuhide rushes in. Nobunaga orders Ranmaru to his defense. Nobunaga retreats to another room. During the ensuing battle almost all are killed except Ranmaru and Nobunaga. As the temple goes up in flames, Ranmaru learns that Nobunaga committed Seppuku in the temple. Ranmaru commits seppuku. Later the priests discover the remain and hold a memorial service for those lost.