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Hana Nusubito

the Flower Thief

wealthy man
cherry tree
Wealthy Gentleman
His Servant

This mime illustrates the proverb "To make a rope after the Thief is caught," or "Locking the stable after the horse has been stolen."

The Gentleman has his Servant cut him a branch of the flowering cherry tree. A Thief steals the branch. The Servant asks him to return it. The Thief does not comply. Then the Servant attacks him and takes it back but meanwhile, the Gentleman is robbed of his short sword and clothes. He gives the Servant his long sword, commanding him to retrieve the stolen goods. The long sword is also stolen.

The Gentleman decides to capture the Thief himself and demands rope from his attendant. There is no rope. The Servant began to pound straw to make rope. Finally the Thief is caught and the Servant is ordered to tie him up. The Servant mistakenly ties up his master and the Thief escapes. The infuriated Master chases his Servant off stage.