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aka oni
Aka Oni
kuro oni
Kuro Oni

Wrestling of the Greedy Ghosts

Gizo Bosatsu
jizo' apron
green and white vest
vest back

Jizo Bosatsu (The Guardian Bodhisattva of Children)
Three Gaki (Hungry Ghosts; newly dead who suffered from greed)
Emma (The King and Judge of Hell, a.k.a. Yama)


Kuro-oni (Black Demon) aka Ibaragi-oni (Hollywood Demon)
Aka-oni (Red Demon)
Ko-oni (Little Demons)

The main object of veneration of Mibu-dera Temple is the Jizo Bosatsu, the guardian especially of children. This play shows through sumo wrestling that the Jizo Bosatsu's mercy is superior to the fear of Emma.

The Mime

Emma appears on stage with some of his demons. The Gaki are afraid of the powerful Emma and hide under the sleeves of Jizo. Every time Emma takes a step, the Gaki fall down. The Gaki and the demons wrestle. In the beginning these Gaki are knocked down. After they receive Jizo's blessing though, they become powerful and throw down the demons one after another. The Gaki's dance accompanied by the lively rhythm and music sounding like, "Gandenden, Gendenden."

As the demons lose, Emma becomes so angry that he tries to knock down the Gaki. Naturally Emma is stronger. As he exits Jizo challenges him. Emma and Jizo wrestle while all cheer. Jizo overcomes Emma and as the defeated Emma leaves, he brandishes his iron staff, beating his demons.