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the Pilgrimage to Mt. Atago

wealthy man
Wealthy Man
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A Wealthy Man
The Mans Servant
Mother and Daughter
Tea Stall Proprietress

Mount Atago is in the northwestern part of Kyoto City. The shrine on the mountain houses the God of Fire. The worshipers pray for fire prevention, and return with a fire prevention charm that is kept in the kitchen. In former days there were many tea stalls as well as places to throw the small plates. In this play, rice crackers are substituted for the plates and tossed to the audience. Those viewers who eat the crackers are cleansed of evil spirits.

The Mime

A young maiden wearing a deep brimmed straw hat and her mother enter a tea shop. They are followed by a wealthy man and his servant. The men drink tea, throw some plates and purchase some sakaki-sacred foliage.

The wealthy man becomes enraptured with the young girl when he notices her flowery kimono. His servant intervenes and arranges a marriage with her mother. The servant offers a sword and jacket as a wedding gift, but the mother insists on having both men's kimonos. The servant tries to hide his kimono but to no avail. The young bride-to-be is given to the man and the mother and servant depart. As the man removes the hat of what must be a beautiful young girl, he discovers quite the opposite, she's quite ugly. Running off stage to escape he is chased by the ugly daughter.

blue/white vest
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