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The Ogre of Adachigahara Village

brown pantaloons
striped pantaloons
old woman (witch)
Yamabushi (an itinerate Monk)

The story comes from the Noh repertory. The Kongo version is called "Kurotsuka;" the Kanze version is called "Adachigahara." Here is a related fairy tale.

The location is Adachigahara village, near Kyoto. One night while the demon (disguised as an old woman) was weaving, a courier comes to the house and asks if he can stay for the night. He lifts his legs to signify weariness, holds up a finger meaning one night and mimes sleeping. The old woman transforms herself into a demon and eats him. Later another traveler is also eaten by the demon.

The third visitor is a Yamabushi (mountain ascetic priest), who had trouble sleeping. He felt something was wrong with the situation. He looks behind a screen and sees the old woman as a demon so they start to fight. His prayers and horn blowing have no effect. At the end of the fight the Yamabushi drives the demon away with a holly branch screaming Push eyes, Push nose.

At Setsubun, one throws beans at demon's eyes to drive them away. One puts a holly branch through a sardine head because evil spirits do not like thorns and do not like bad smells, so this keeps them away.

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