A Few of the Old Costumes

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Tama River Kimono
Chrysanthemum & Fences Kimono
Kosode kimono with designs of
the symbols of the six Tama Rivers
Blue crep
Edo Period 1803
Worn by the Momijigari demon
and the Tamamonomae witch.
Kosode kimono with design of
chrysanthemum and fences
Safflower red rinzu, figured satin
Edo Period 1801
Maple & Tachibana Kimono
Waves Kimono
Uchikake kimono with design of
maples and tachibana-oranges.
Dark brown rinzu, figured satin.
Edo Period 1817
Kosode kimono with design of
seikaiha stylized waves.
Indigo rinza, figured satin.
Edo Period 1806
Worn by the Adachigahara demon
and the Tsuchigumo demon.